Open Circle Theatre produces professional theatre productions that provide opportunities for artists with and without disabilities, and is committed to advocate for employment of people with disabilities and an inclusive community accessible for all.


From the Open Circle Family!

A letter from the Artistic Director

Sitting in a fundraiser for another organization, my vision for Open Circle became crystal clear to me. I realized that OCT is about employment in the arts for people with disabilities. After years of convoluted language and peoples' eyes rolling back in their heads, I finally found my “elevator speech!”

Our shows have always been focused on presenting artists with disabilities in professional, integrated shows so that they could be hired by other theatres on and off stage. Once I understood that at heart, Open Circle is all about employment, not only did explaining the mission become easier, but other areas we should be focusing on became clear as well. We should be training, casting & consulting along with doing inclusive shows. I took a few months to really look into and contemplate these other areas that OCT could be involved in and will follow-up in this and the next couple of newsletters with articles talking about each. In the meantime, you can check out the changes in on our website!

I am looking forward to what is in store for Open Circle in the next few years. Man of La Mancha will be a part of it, but we shall sell no wine until it is time! I hope to lead and include you all in enthusiasm! Keep those circles and those hearts open!

Announcing Our First Master Workshop with Artstream

What a way to start our new foray into education and training! We are happy and excited to announce that we have begun a fantastic partnership with Artstream by hosting our first Master Class workshop. We are looking to hold three more workshops this year and build on what we have started.

Many thanks to our wonderful Artstream co-lead, Pamela Bilik. We worked together seamlessly and created an ensemble out of some wonderful artists coming together for the first time. And another thanks to out intern, Taylor, who not only ran around doing all those behind the scenes things that are so vital to a smooth class, but also stepped in as a wonderful participant at times.

We are looking to these classes as a way for Artstreamers to expand their horizons and prepare to enter the community/professional theatre world. Our team started with a quick check-in with the group and then a warm up to get everyone moving. I particularly valued discussions comparing notes about our past theatre experiences, but also looking at the more practical skills of learning how to write down blocking in a rehearsal process. And there's more to come!

These workshops are skills building classes and are targeted at Artstream artists who have participated in their programming for at least 2 years.  However, if you are interested in participating in our next workshops and you are not an Artstream Artist, please call the Open Circle office, 240-683-8934, and we can speak with you about your possible participation.

A New Addition to the OCT Team

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our intern, Taylor Busey.  Her bio is below, but we just wanted to sing her praises! She has been working with us since the start of the year and has become someone we can rely on.  She faces any challenge with enthusiasm and wit. (And has all her clearances so we can take her into schools with us, too!)

OCT has always been lucky in the people who become involved and it looks like that luck is holding out!

Taylor Busey currently works as a home care aid and is learning ASL. She graduated from Springbrook High School in 2016, and is a theatre enthusiast. As an intern at Open Circle Theatre, she has been posting about OCT on Facebook and Instagram, while also participating some of education programs and assisting in administrative work.


Don't miss Russell Harvard in this season at Playwrights Horizon!
Main stage theater, September 2018

Congratulations to Open Circle Alumnus Scot McKenzie for receiving the coveted public art building communities grant.
Commission on the Arts and Humanities



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Donations and Volunteering Welcome

If you would like to help OCT build its infrastructure, please feel free to make a donation! You may contribute by check through snail mail or online with a credit card. Remember, OCT is a 501(c)(3) organization, donations to which are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Donation details are at

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Open Circle Theatre is run almost entirely by volunteers. As a growing organization, we have a lot of work to do. Please share your time and talents with us. Anyone can volunteer! Help us in this important work. We guarantee a great volunteer experience! For more details, visit

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